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                              OPTICS SCENES AND MOVIES MADE USING  POVRAY

One of the most useful features of POVRAY is the great ease with which the scene may be animated.  Any variable such as position or material or texture or brightness etc. may be varied.  Three scenes of increasing complexity are shown below.   Movies of the results of the modeling are shown below.  It's advisable to download any that may be of interest, and play them off-line.

As observed earlier, if you'd like to try modeling the scenes yourself, it's necessary to have appropriate include files.

The path to these files in a separate folder should be placed in the pov.ini file.  It's good practice to make separate folders for each of the scenes, say 'lazazoom', 'derotele', 'pandora'  etc., and inflate the zip files to the appropriate folder.

Having constructed a scene in POVRAY, it is remarkably easy to animate virtually any part of it.  Any attribute in the scene is simply tied to a 'clock' which is set internally and moves from 0 to 1.  In the pov.ini file, one needs specify only the number of frames, from 1 to as many as you like.  There are many applications which can then be used to concatenate the frames into a movie.  


This is the zooming laser projector with a scattering atmosphere to show the light paths during the zooming action


It shows  the ability of POVRAY to create virtual images by  reflection and refraction. Notice the numbers of moving  objects  and the zooming  camera with a moving viewpoint

This is a conversion of a Pro-Engineer CAD model to POVRAY
 using the


The  movie file is here

Pandora's ghost


Having gone to all this trouble to create the object, one movie is hardly enough.

There are great differences between the lighting in the movie  and between the still. In the still image, global illumination is applied and consequently rendering time is considerable - many hours. 
This pays off in the awesome quality which is possible.

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